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To ensure the proper functioning of our website, we sometimes place small data files on your computer, the so-called “cookies”. Most major websites do the same.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit this website. In this way, the website remembers your actions and preferences (such as a password, language, font size and other display preferences) for a period of time, so you do not have to enter those preferences each time you visit the site or browse its pages.

How do we use cookies and various technologies?

Some of our pages use cookies to remember: your preferences regarding the display, e.g. brightness or font size if you have already answered a pop-up query, asking if the content was useful or not (so you won’t be asked the same question again), password, if you have agreed (or not) for the use of cookies in this website. Moreover, some videos embedded in our pages use a cookie to collect statistics on how you got to that point and which videos you visited.

  • We may also receive information from our newsletters which are emailed to us to find out if you have opened or promoted the newsletter or if you have clicked anywhere on its content. This information informs us about the effectiveness of our newsletters and helps us to confirm that we are sending you information that you will find interesting.
  • We may also receive information to promote advertising messages that may be relevant to you and your interests. Information can also be used to adjust the frequency with which ads appear and help us adjust the ads you receive and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • We may receive information when you choose to log in through social media from your account profile including photos,
  • Demographic data, unique identifiers such as phone number, mobile device identification for physical location
  • Information about your buying behavior and preferences that you have on our website
  • We may access information about you from third parties and online platforms
  • We can also assign to relevant service providers the installation and use of cookies on behalf of the Municipality of Thira for the purposes mentioned above.
  • We do not collect sensitive personal data without your consent. Enabling these cookies is not necessary for the operation of the website but through them, you will have better browsing. You can delete these cookies or block access to them but if you do it, some features of the website may not work well.

Cookies that are used on our website:

Category: Necessary
__cf_bm HTTP 1 day This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the site in order to make valid reports about the use of their site.
_grecaptcha HTML Infinitely This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the site in order to make valid reports about the use of their site.
_GRECAPTCHA HTTP 179 days This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the site in order to make valid reports about the use of their site.
rc::a HTML Persistent This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the site in order to make valid reports about the use of their site.
rc::b HTML Session This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots.
rc::c HTML Session This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots.
rc::d-# HTML Persistent This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots.
Category: Preferences
wp-wpml_current_language HTTP 1 day This cookie specifies the country code based on the user’s IP address. It is used to specify the language to be used for the visitor.
Category: Statistics
_ga HTTP 2 years This cookie records a unique identifier used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the site.
_gat HTTP 1 day This cookie is used by Google Analytics to throttle the request rate.
_gid HTTP 1 day This cookie records a unique identifier used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the site.


This list will be updated with any changes to the services offered on the website or with any general additions.

Cookies Management

You can enable/disable cookies or delete cookies installed on your computer by setting options in your Internet browser. If the use of cookies in your browser is not allowed, you may not have access to some of the services and your navigation on our website may be less satisfactory.

Pori Beach in Santorini

Pori Beach in Santorini

Discover the serene charm of Pori Beach on Santorini’s northeast coast, approximately 10 kilometers from Fira, near Columbo Cape. Nestled in the enchanting surroundings of Imerovigli village, this hidden gem boasts traditional character, vineyards, windmills, and a charming small harbor. Accessible only by car or motorbike, a descent down a series of stairs leads you…

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Emporio Village in Santorini

Discover Emporio: Santorini’s Hidden Jewel

Tucked away in Santorini’s quieter corners lies Emporio, a hidden gem awaiting adventurous souls. Unlike its bustling counterparts, this village boasts an authentic, untouched allure. History in Stone Emporio’s cobblestone streets wind through historic Cycladic homes, a living testament to Santorini’s past. Its medieval charm and well-preserved architecture offer a glimpse into the island’s heritage.…

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Santorini Nautical Museum

Unveiling the Santorini Maritime Museum: Preserving the Legacy of Thiran Commercial Navigation

Santorini may be a top tourist destination, renowned globally and attracting millions of visitors, but beyond its tourism, it stands as a maritime haven deeply rooted in centuries-old tradition. The maritime journey through Thira’s history is captured within the Maritime Museum, recently renovated with the sponsorship of M/Maritime and opened its doors to the public…

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Title: “Ifestia 2023: Santorini’s Dazzling Night of Fireworks”

Last night, Santorini’s skies erupted in a burst of colors as Ifestia 2023 unfolded. This annual celebration of the island’s volcanic heritage transformed into a mesmerizing spectacle. As darkness fell, the first fireworks lit up the caldera, casting reflections on the tranquil waters. Ifestia’s creativity shone through with starbursts, cascading lights, and shimmering constellations. Locals…

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Santorini Vedema

The Enchanting Vedema: Santorini’s Grape Harvest Celebration

Introduction Santorini’s allure extends beyond its postcard-perfect scenery. The island’s annual grape harvest, known as “vedema,” unveils a captivating tradition that marries culture, community, and craftsmanship in the realm of winemaking. Terroir: Santorini’s Unique Flavor Santorini’s volcanic terrain, kissed by the Mediterranean sun, shapes a distinctive terroir for grape cultivation. Assyrtiko, Athiri, and Aidani grapes…

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Santorini in Spring and Easter

Santorini at Easter is even more dreamy!

Santorini at Easter is even more dreamy! At least that’s what the local rumor is! By all accounts, the island during the Easter period is more beautiful, quieter and more enjoyable than in the summer. If the locals say so, it should be right, shouldn’t it? On Easter season, Santorini is not the cosmopolitan place…

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Santorini in Winter

Santorini in winter is a dream!

In most people’s minds, the island of Santorini has made the impression of a unique summer destination with the majority of imagery depicting a sunset in local restaurants by the sea, strolls in the alleys and relaxing cool cocktails with an endless blue view. Santorini, however, is way more than that! A hot take is…

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Santorini celebrities 2022

No wonder that the island of Santorini in Greece it is enjoyed by celebrities

Santorini is one of the most famous destinations both in Europe and worldwide. The caldera, the unique and dreamy sunset, the picturesque alleys and the traditional food become every year the attraction for the tourists of the island! Our popular island welcomes countless tourists every year, including many celebrities. Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.…

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Seeking the Secrets of the Earth in Santorini

Seeking the secrets of the Earth

Marine exploratory drilling in the volcanoes of Santorini, Christiana and Koloumbos. On 16 October at 18:00, the opening of the interactive scientific exhibition “Seeking the Secrets of the Earth” will take place at the Belloneio Cultural Centre. The aim of the exhibition is to inform the residents of Santorini and all interested parties about the…

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Ifestia Festival 2022

Ifestia Festival 2022

The festival is entirely dedicated to the volcano eruption that changed the landscape of Santorini forever in the mid-second millennium BCE Every September, the island of Santorini, created by a volcano, celebrates “Ifaisteia” (from Greek ηφαίστειο or volcano). The festivities include a series of live music concerts, photography and art exhibitions, theatrical and dance performances.…

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Luxury Accommodation in Santorini Caldera

Luxury Accommodation in Santorini Caldera

Learn Everything About the Santorini Caldera History and Discover Amazing Santorini Caldera Hotels Have a hard time planning your trip to Greece and finding accommodation in Santorini Caldera? A natural wonder, Santorini has gained its beauty from the stunning caldera with sunset views, the whitewashed houses, and the scenic beaches with colorful shorelines. Besides its…

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Santorini Experience

Santorini Experience is back! September 23-25, 2022

What really is the Santorini Experience? Santorini Municipality and the award-winning Active Media Group co-organize Santorini Experience which includes open water swimming in the Aegean Sea and trail running along the Caldera. Visit the top travel destination and participate in a unique sporting experience, while enjoying the Cycladic architecture and the scenic landscape of Santorini.…

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Easter in Santorini

Greek Orthodox Easter in Santorini

Discover traditions and unearth the best things to do in Santorini during Easter In Greece, Easter is probably the most religious and meaningful holiday of the year. Whether you’re religious or not, the sentiment and customs that define the Greek Orthodox Holy Week in Santorini will stir and fill you with emotions. With fasting customs…

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Tui Santorini

TUI: It opens the season earlier for Greece and maintains, despite the Ukrainian crisis, a target for 3 million tourists in our country

TUI Fly will start earlier than ever, from the beginning of April flights to the most popular destinations for the group’s customers such as Crete, Rhodes and Kos. It opens the season earlier than ever for Greece, increases flights to Greek destinations and maintains, despite the Ukrainian crisis, the target for the 3 million tourists…

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