On the volcano by boat

Day trip

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On the volcano by boat

You can take a day trip to the volcano by boat from Gialos (the οld port), Athinios (the new port) or Ammoudi, near Oia.
From the port the boat takes you first to Nea Kameni (the volcano) where you can walk to the rim of the volcanic crater; it is not an easy hike, especially in the hot summer days and if you are not physically fit.
The path goes uphill all the way, and there is nothing but grey and black rocks all around. However, the magnificent view towards the Caldera and the villages is definitely worth it all!

Palaia Kameni and Therassia

The boat will then take you to Palia Kameni and the Thermal Springs. The captain will drop anchor in the shallows, where you can take a swim. The waters are yellowish and five degrees hotter than the rest of the sea, and the smell of sulphur is overpowering. Soon after that, you will arrive at the picturesque islet of Therassia.
In the afternoon, the boat will sail along the impressive Caldera passing below Oia, and then will go back.


  • As soon as you arrive in Nea Kameni you will be given a leaflet informing about the Geological Park of Nea Kameni. There you will also read about the lookout points.
  • Should you choose to walk around the volcanic crater during the summer, you must definitely wear a hat and sunblock –preferably athletic shoes as well– and carry a bottle of water.
  • In Palaia Kameni, you can apply the healing mud on your body. However, you should know that the smell of sulphur and the yellowish color will linger on your skin for quite a while.
  • The shape of Palaia and Nea Kameni is indisputably unstable and has repeatedly changed throughout historic times. The smaller of the two, Palaia Kameni, has remained relatively unchanged for several centuries. On the contrary, Nea Kameni is still expanding as a result of occasional lava outflows. Over the past 120 years Nea Kameni has undergone extreme changes in size and shape.</li?