BlogPerissa Village in Santorini

While renowned for the black sand beaches and azure waters, the village holds a secret of historical significance—the old church that played a pivotal role in the island’s nomenclature.

Perissa is home to the ancient church dedicated to Saint Irene, dating back to the thirteenth century during the Latin Empire. It was this venerable church that bestowed upon Santorini its name, a contraction of “Santa Irini,” paying homage to Saint Irene.

As you wander through Perissa’s charming streets, adorned with traditional white-washed buildings and vibrant bougainvillea, you’ll discover the fusion of modern leisure and ancient allure.

Visit the old church, where the essence of Santorini’s past is preserved in stone and echoes through time. Perissa beckons not just as a coastal haven but as a living testament to the island’s enduring charm, where every step is a journey through Santorini’s captivating history.