Do you desire fresh, farm-to-table food that is rooted in steep culinary traditions? If yes, Santorini is the place for you. From land and sea, produce to dairy, Santorini’s unique landscape harvests some of the most delectable ingredients and wonderful dishes in the Mediterranean. Read the ultimate Santorini food guide entailing the must-try foods while visiting Greece’s most delicious island.

Fava spread

One simply does not travel to Santorini without sampling the creamy richness of fava. Santorini’s answer to hummus, fava is a smooth dip of pureed fava beans with olive oil, garlic, and few other fresh ingredients. It is often sprinkled with local capers, chopped parsley, or a dash of spices. Enjoy alongside warm pita bread and you’re in for a real culinary treat!

Tomato keftedes

Your Santorini, Greece holidays aren’t complete unless you have tomato keftedes. They are like meatballs but made of fresh local tomatoes and local herbs before being battered and fried to perfection. As one of the most popular appetizers in Santorini, they are often served along with Greece’s iconic tzatziki sauce but are equally as delicious entirely on their own.

Grilled octopus

It doesn’t get much better than octopus in Santorini. Served within hours, or even minutes, of being caught, octopus is on the menu at any seaside restaurant in Santorini. Octopus has been served in Santorini for generations, and local chefs know that all it needs is a hot grill, a little bit of olive oil, and a nice squeeze of lemon to pull together a culinary Santorini travel guide must.

Lamb fricassee

Lamb has been a staple of the Grecian diet dating back centuries. In more recent times, fricassee has become the go-to lamb dish in Santorini. Slow-cooked for hours and stew-like in consistency with local herbs and finished off in a tangy lemon sauce, lamb fricassee is a must on many Santorini food guides. Enjoy with fresh bread and Greek salad for a balanced meal.

Local wine

Though not technically a food, a Santorini food guide isn’t complete without wine. Thanks to Santorini’s volcanic soil, unique strands of grapes grow in abundance and are processed into some of the world’s best wines. Opt for local favorites such as fruity and crisp Assyrtiko or the sweet Vinsanto dessert wine. Drink alongside local olives for the ideal aperitivo experience.

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Enjoy your Santorini getaway to the fullest and find the ideal activities for you, your family, and your friends. Follow the Santorini food guide for ideas on the best foods to fuel up on before heading out on a day of fun-filled adventure.

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