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Santorini’s epic volcano has been the catalyst for amazing activities and experiences for decades. Not only is it the reason the island is so physically gorgeous, it has also created a unique landscape for which travelers can find fun and memorable things to do in and around it. Read on to learn the best activities to participate in that revolve around the Santorini volcano.

  1. Sail around the caldera
    Any Santorini travel guide surely includes a sailing cruise as a must-do activity while visiting the island. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to get a full scope of how unique Santorini’s landscape is thanks to the ancient volcanic eruption. Sail around the jagged caldera cliffside, marvel at unique geological formations at the beaches, and even take part in activities aboard like scuba diving which gives you a glimpse into the volcanic underbelly beneath the island.
  2. Swim in the hot springs
    Participate in an activity in one of the most peculiar formations from the Santorini volcano with a pacifying dip in the hot springs. Located near Nea Kameni isles, take the plunge into warm, bubbling water and let relaxation take hold. Regarded for their healing properties for mind, body, and spirit, the hot springs have been one of the most therapeutic Santorini activities for those who swim in the waters for centuries.
  3. Hike the volcano crater
    Kick your Santorini, Greece holidays into high gear with a hike in and around the volcanic crater on the uninhabited Nea Kameni isle. Feel in awe of the dark pebble landscape and the incredible views of the caldera on the main island. The hike is serious, so it is advisable to be fully prepared with proper shoes, water, and other hiking gear. In all, it is a fantastic activity that is completely unique to Santorini.
  4. Visit Thirassia island
    Take the quick jaunt to Thirassia, another small island that was formed after breaking off from Santorini millennia ago during the volcanic eruption. Upon reaching Thirassia, an island inhabited by only about 300 people, spend the day exploring its wild beauty. Walk well-defined pathways for a serene hike, swim in the crystal clear waters of its beaches, or enjoy a meal at one of the few seaside restaurants.

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See why Santorini is regarded as one of the most exciting Greek islands during a fun-filled holiday. From finding activities around the Santorini volcano to laidback days of serenity and relaxation, there is a little something for everyone in Santorini.

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