BlogSantorini in Winter

In most people’s minds, the island of Santorini has made the impression of a unique summer destination with the majority of imagery depicting a sunset in local restaurants by the sea, strolls in the alleys and relaxing cool cocktails with an endless blue view.

Santorini, however, is way more than that! A hot take is that the island is also the ultimate winter destination, as it remains active throughout the year, which is rarely the case on other islands!

The island’s hottest spot is Caldera and in winter it’s even more impressive than in summer. The change of colours, the wild turbulent sea, the deep and intense colour shades that are formed all elevate the experience.

In addition, during a winter trip, the hassle of tourism, the noisy buzz and the crowds of people that flood the traditional alleys are almost vanished. The peace and serenity make the enjoyment of the island itself even more intense!

Santorini in Winter

Photo Credit by: Kornel Gabriel Dumitru

It is noteworthy that there are at least 10 direct flights a day to Santorini and almost daily departures from the port of Piraeus, making Santorini attractive even in the winter months, as someone can find accommodation and places of fun and entertainment all year round!

You have many reasons to explore the island in winter too! Are you ready to discover them?