Baxedes – Paradisos

Beach close to Oia

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An extended beach close to Oia (Paradeisos=Paradise). Due to the shallow waters it is preferred also by families. It has dark sand and volcanic rocks. Driving on the main road along the coast, you can pick out any spot you like to make your stop. Many people take their morning or afternoon walk by this road, to enjoy the beautiful view. In the area there are taverns and small hotels.

How to get there

Reach Baxedes – Paradisos beach by car.

From Fira to Baxedes – Paradisos beach: 9.7km

From Kamari to Baxedes – Paradisos beach: 15.6km

From Oia to Baxedes – Paradisos beach: 4.7km

Paradisos Beach in Santorini