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Visitors always follow this route in order to reach the famous prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri.

Take a trail down the coastline from Fira to Akrotiri village. Walk along the jagged coast and appreciate endless Aegean Sea views. Conclude in Akrotiri, the former home of the mighty Minoan civilization, and their treasures buried beneath volcanic ash.

Drive south parallel to the Caldera from Fira on the so called “Fira’s straight” road with direction to the port. The view is exceptional during the whole route. You will first pass by the old mines where it is worth taking pictures of the volcano.

At the end of this straight (3,6 km from Fira), ascend to the right to reach an intersection from which the road on the left leads to Pyrgos (see route 4) and the straight one leads to the intersection to the port, Megalohori, Akrotiri and the beaches of the SE and SW part of the island.

Heading for Akrotiri, pass the sign on your right that indicates the road to the port of Athinios and enter the area of Megalohori. There are vineyards on both sides of the main road.

1,5 km away from the sign to Athinios, you will see another sign showing the way to Megalohori. Park your vehicle and cross the main road of the village, below two very beautiful bell towers, beside old mansions, shops and carved-in houses.
Driving on the main road, just after Megalohori make a right turn to Akrotiri (there is signage). This route has also vineyards and offers spectacular views to the Caldera and the volcano.

In approximately 4 km you will arrive at the settlement of Akrotiri with its impressive Goulas. Passing through it and following the signage you will find the parking lot outside of the arcaeological site of Akrotiri. The road ends in Kokkini (Red) beach.
Entering the settlement of Akrotiri there is a sign on your right showing the way to Akrotiri’s lighthouse. This route is also great, with a view from the SW end of Thera to the entire Caldera, the volcanoes and Aspronisi.


  • Banks, a gas station, shopping malls and hotels are located on the so called “Fira’s straight” road.
  • Boutaris and Gavalas wineries are located within the Megalohori area. Taverns, hotels and villas for rent are located in the settlement.
  • Taverns, hotels, mini markets, rooms to let etc. are located within the Akrotiri area.
Hiking path to Akrotiri Santorini