BlogHidden gem 1 in Santorini: Akrotiri Village

Santorini is famous for its sunsets and blue-domed buildings, but it also hides an ancient wonder: the Akrotiri Archaeological Site. Known as the “Minoan Pompeii,” this site offers a fascinating look into a prehistoric city preserved by volcanic ash.

The History of Akrotiri

First settled around 5000 BC, Akrotiri became a bustling urban center by the Bronze Age. A massive volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC buried the city, preserving buildings, frescoes, and everyday objects. Rediscovered in 1967, Akrotiri provides incredible insights into ancient life.

Exploring Akrotiri Archaeological Site

  • Frescoes and Artifacts: The site’s frescoes depict nature, rituals, and daily life. Notable works include the “Spring Fresco” and “Boxing Boys.”
  • Architecture and Urban Planning: Walk through well-preserved streets and multi-story buildings showcasing advanced urban planning.
  • The Drainage System: Admire the sophisticated drainage system, highlighting the ingenuity of its ancient inhabitants.
  • Pottery and Objects: Explore the pottery and tools that offer glimpses into daily life in Akrotiri.

The Village of Akrotiri

Just a short distance from the archaeological site lies the charming village of Akrotiri. This traditional village offers a peaceful retreat with stunning views and authentic local experiences.

  • Local Taverns: Enjoy delicious Greek cuisine at one of the village’s traditional tavernas, such as Taverna Glaros or The Cave of Nikolas.
  • Red Beach: Famous for its striking red cliffs and clear waters, Red Beach is a must-visit spot near the village. It’s perfect for a relaxing day by the sea.
  • Akrotiri Lighthouse: Visit the historic Akrotiri Lighthouse for breathtaking views, especially at sunset. It’s one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece.
  • Church of Agios Nikolaos: This beautiful church, located in the heart of the village, is worth a visit for its serene atmosphere and lovely architecture.

Tips for Visiting Akrotiri

  • Guided Tours: Enhance your visit with a guided tour.
  • Combine with Nearby Attractions: Plan a trip to Red Beach and the Akrotiri Lighthouse.
  • Best Time to Visit: Visit early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Wear comfortable shoes for exploring the site and village.


Akrotiri is a hidden gem that offers a unique and enriching experience. Dive into Santorini’s ancient past at the archaeological site and enjoy the charm of the village. Share your experiences with us using #HiddenSantorini!