Fira-Pirgos- Exo Gonia- Episkopi – Kamari

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Fira-Pirgos-Exo Gonia-Episkopi-Kamari

Take route 3 from Fira heading to the port and then turn left in the intersection with a sign showing the way to Pyrgos with its impressive Kasteli that stands out from afar (1 km).
Ascend to Prophet Elias monastery after passing through the settlement and driving on the SE asphalt road (4,2 km away from Pyrgos).
In order to go to Exo Gonia, you will have to turn left at the entrance of Pyrgos and follow a spiral road below Pyrgo’s castle, with vineyards on both sides. Aghios Panteleimonas of Exo Gonia is on your right-hand side a few turns away. Passing through the settlement of Exo Gonia you will enjoy a beautiful view of the eastern beaches and a top view of Pyrgos and Episkopi Gonia.
The descending road leads to the main road. A left turn leads to Vothonas, Messaria, Fira and the airport.
You can visit the beautiful village of Episkopi Gonia with Panagia Episkopi byzantine church by turning right on the main road and then take another right further down the road. Kamari beach is another 1,5 km ahead. Ascending from there to Mesa Vouno you can visit ancient Thera.


  • There is a gas station at the entrance of Pyrgos and several taverns, restaurants, hotels and shops within the settlement.
  • Santo Wines is located in the intersection leading to Pyrgos. Chatzidaki’s winery is located on the road to Prophet Elias.
  • The wineries of Antonis Argyros-Art Space, Gaia Oinopoiitiki and Artemis Karamolegos are located within the Exo Gonia’s area.
  • Estate Argyros is operating in Episkopi Gonia.
  • The mini brewery of Santorini is located on the main road.
  • In Kamari there are restaurants, cafes, rooms to let, hotels, banks, super markets, souvenir shops, car rentals, book stores travel agencies etc.
Hiking path Fira Kamari in Santorini