BlogSantorini celebrities 2022

Santorini is one of the most famous destinations both in Europe and worldwide. The caldera, the unique and dreamy sunset, the picturesque alleys and the traditional food become every year the attraction for the tourists of the island!

Our popular island welcomes countless tourists every year, including many celebrities.

This year we had the pleasure as an island to welcome important and world famous celebrities, who enjoyed unique moments of relaxation and tranquility in Santorini, with or without their families.
Among them is the late former NBA basketball player Magic Johnson,

the popular singer Nicole Scherzinger and famous actress Demi Moore and James Franco walked through the beautiful alleys and enjoyed the unique experience of our island!

Despite the pandemic of the last two years, the island of Santorini has not ceased to be a stopover for many important celebrities and businessmen! This year, however, the attendance exceeded all expectations and this is what gives us the impetus to provide to our guests with the maximum enjoyment and experience!

Santorini is the island “station” for all tourists and the great love of famous celebrities for it, make it even more unique!