Petros Nomikos Conference Center

The neoclassical mansion with its characteristic red colouring

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Thera foundation P.Nomikos

The Thera Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created in 1969, by Mr. Peter M. Nomikos. Since 2005 Peter C. Nomikos Jr. has taken an increasing leadership position through a variety of new initiatives.

P. Nomikos Conference Centre

The Petros M. Nomikos Conference Centre was inaugurated in 1989 and it is dedicated to realizing and promoting social, cultural and scientific events to support the island of Santorini and the excavations of Akrotiri. Located in the capital and overlooking the Caldera and the volcano, the Conference Center is at a wonderful location. The main hall of the Conference Center has a capacity up to 220 people in theatre style.

Many conferences are held each year. The busiest dates are from April to October.

Thera wallpainting exhibition & Santozeum

The discovery of the wall-paintings of Akrotiri in the excavations (1967-1974) of Professor Spyridon Marinatos is of outstanding importance.

Of all the finds unearthed in the excavations there can be little doubt that the wall-paintings constitute the most significant contribution to our knowledge of Aegean art and society.

The Thera Foundation hopes that by making the wall-paintings of Akrotiri widely available for study and enjoyment it is making a significant contribution to the understanding of early Aegean culture. Since 2011 the exhibition is hosted at Santozeum.

The collection of the Akrotiri Wall Paintings was developed in conjunction with The Thera Foundation, The Getty and Kodak Pathé.

Excavated in Akrotiri between 1967-1974, the wall paintings provide outstanding insight into the ancestry of Santorini, and situate the ancient society as highly developed in the early Aegean world. Found on the walls of ancient Theran elite homes, they render ancient life, belief and historical events. Contemporary viewers can enjoy their artistic merits exhibited on the walls of this private house, in a sense as they were intended to be viewed as interior embellishments in antiquity.

The Santozeum is an artist run, interdisciplinary creative platform that fosters dialogue between the arts, humanities and sciences in both the local and international community. It aims to create a dynamic environment for young and emerging artists, providing a residency program in the arts, while connecting a global network of pioneers and professionals to Santorini.

Founded in fall 2010, the Santozeum is a creative salon housed within a 1950s construction, fully renovated. Perched on the cliffs overlooking the caldera, its patios merge public and private spaces, while winding gardens and stunning vistas provide respite from the summer crowds.