Museum of Prehistoric Thera

The island’s history from the late neolithic to early 17th century B.C

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The museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira is considered as one of the most important museums in Greece.

Its special contents are masterpieces of art in the prehistoric Aegean, such as the famous wall paintings and the unique gold ibex figurine. The museum houses finds from the excavations at Akrtotiri, conducted under the auspices of the Archaeological Society at Athens, the earlier excavations at Potamos, made by members of the German Archaeological Institute at Athens, and rescue excavations at various other sites on the island, carried out by the 21st Ephorate of Antiquities.
The exhibition endeavours to sketch the course of Thera in prehistoric times, through selected finds from the thousands in the storerooms. This was a dynamic and creative course which established the city at Akrotiri as one of the most important Aegean centres during the 18th and 17th centuries B.C.


  • telephone contact for Prehistoric Thera: +3022860 23217
  • open to the public: 08.30-15.30 (Tuesday closed)