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Traditional recipes

Recipes from Pyrgos

Food was either urban or rural. Low-class people ate mainly pasta, legumes, vegetables, and very little meat, mainly during major holidays.
One of the most common farmers' foods was ladomanestra. Minced garlic or onion sautéed in oil and cooked in a big pot. Water and tomatoes were added next and left to boil for a while. Then, the boiled tomatoes were chopped up with a small spoon and the pieces were put back in the pot and left to boil until done. Finally, several eggs were cracked and added to the pot, which was then removed from the fire, and the soup was served with one egg to each plate.
An alternative dish to ladomanestra was ladozoumi. Chopped onions, leaf beets, and tomatoes were placed in a pot with a bit of oil and left to boil. The food was eaten with pieces of bread dipped in the soup.

A very common -and delicious- dish was skordomakarona, which has survived until today. It consisted of pasta, fresh Santorini tomatoes, oil, plenty of garlic, and salt.
This dish was considered typical of the middle-class households, which used store-bought pasta, and made for a lovely meal, especially when fasting. Also, skoulikakia or skouloukakia or tripsoulia were cooked in red sauce, with sprinkled cheese, if any was available, or instead of tomatoes they poured skordoliada (garlic paste) over them.
On Christmas Eve, a day of strict fasting, people ate kofto, boiled wheat which had been cracked by hand mill.

The people of Pyrgos also enjoy their mackerel prepared in a way unique to Greece: the brandada –a Spanish-Portuguese name– consists of garlic-paste flavoured fish which is both fried and baked. Specifically, the mackerel fried first, then a tomato sauce is prepared and mixed with garlic paste. The mixture is poured over the fried mackerel, and the brandada is baked for a short while in the oven.

A traditional dish still very popular in Santorini is white eggplants in vinegar. Eggplants are boiled, cut open, and stuffed with garlic, salt, and pepper; then, they are tied with celery and boiled in vinegar. They are left to marinate for several days, then served with a drizzle of oil.

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