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Ancient Thera-Perissa

An excellent 30-minute hike, going downhill from the site of ancient Thera to the beach of Perissa. Many hikers prefer to go the other way round.
Leaving the ancient Thera parking lot, you will immediately come across the ancient cemetery of Sellada, barely discernible on the hillside. As you enter the path, you will see excavation traces and two tombs. This is where the archaeologist Charalambos Sigalas found the famous female statue of the Kore.
The trail is clearly visible, and when you are near Perissa, it is worth following the uphill path (you will see the cross on your right) to find, 10 minutes later, Panagia Katefiani, a whitewashed church beneath a huge hollow rock that seems almost to embrace it. Go back to the main trail and in another 10 minutes you will find the asphalt road leading to the centre of the village.


A winding asphalt road connects the site of Ancient Thera to Kamari. You could also follow the nice hiking trail, which will take you about 30 minutes. You will come across the small church of Zoodochos Pigi and you can rest near the spring after drinking some cold water.

Δραστηριότητες - Μονοπάτι 3
Δραστηριότητες - Μονοπάτι 3

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