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Gialos (old port)

General information

Gialos, the Old Port, lies below Fira, nestled at the foot of a rocky cliff. In this tiny port the boats transfer visitors from the cruise ships and then they go up to Fira using the cable car. From here you can also board the caiques for a day trip to the volcano and Therassia island.
In Gialos distinguished places are the Tripes (caves), the old tomato factory of Gr. Koutsogiannopoulos and the white chapel of Aghios Nikolaos (St. Nikolas), built on the small port. It is a typical sample of Theran ecclesiastical architecture. The old temple had been destroyed from a fall of a volume of clay and had been rebuilt by Margarita Karavia.
A newest building, that looks anchored to the rocks, is the tower of Petros Delendas, on the edge of the small settlement.
Gialos is connected to Fira by the "Karavolades", the road with the 600 steps. Those who can handle it, walk to admire the really impressive view, while others choose donkeys and mules.

Γιαλός οικισμός - Γενικά
Γιαλός οικισμός - Γενικά

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