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Walking around

In the castle
No matter which route you follow inside the village, you will end up at the gate of the castle. In front of it, there is a small flat space on two levels with a pebbled floor and an incredible view. Here is the church of Aghios Georgios. This small area was once the main square of Pyrgos and has retained its character up to a certain extent. The gate attracts your attention and invites you to step inside the castle, but it is worth noticing that there is a perimeter road that essentially defines the castle's complex. The houses next to the gate do not bring in mind the fortress image they once conveyed being the outer limit of the castle: they have many openings, solar panels, balconies and have been recently refurbished.
From the gate, you pass through to the inner "ring" of the settlement. Going uphill to the right, you will soon reach an opening where a broad staircase leads to the main church of the Virgin Mary. If you continue walking you will come upon the inner ring, the southeastern part of which partially gives the sense of an enclosed narrow public space. From the passages ("diavatika") that cover this route, only one still stands today.
At the centre of the castle you will find the church of Eisodia tis Theotokou and a square offering panoramic views. Opposite Panagia, there is the church of Aghia Triada, which houses the Ecclesiastical Collection. Your route continues between the two churches. There is a small triangular flat area that retains its authenticity to a certain extent, despite the fact that the houses to the north are in ruins. Further down along your route, you will come upon a passage, at the beginning of which there is a staircase. That staircase leads to the large flat area which defines the northern tip of the castle. From there, you will enjoy spectacular views over the island.
* Source: Study on the castle of Pyrgos, by architect Clairi Palyvou.

In the village
1st PATH. Set off for this lovely walk left of the entrance of Pyrgos, across the pharmacy (this is where the village square used to be). Walk by the old mill, where you will see several neoclassical houses: to the right, the Charitopoulos residence, before the church of Aghios Spyridonas (St Spyridon); you will also come across the emblematic building of Pyrgos Estia. After Aghios Spyridonas, to the right, you will see the neoclassical house of the Laggadas family (a twin building with the Zannos Melathron) as well as Donna's House hotel. Following the signs to the main square, you will pass by the old grocer's and the old barber shop to reach the church of Christ with the imposing belfry. Crossing the atmospheric covered walkway, you will find yourselves outside the church of Metamorphosi Sotiros (Transformation of the Saviour). You can then go up to the castle entrance, or down to the primary school and the main square.

2nd PATH. Start at the primary school and walk by the little church of Aghios Samson and the church of Metamorphosi Sotiros to arrive at the castle entrance. You will come across several impressive arched neoclassical buildings (one of them was built in 1887). Follow the signs to the castle.

3rd PATH. Start next to the Kantouni coffee house, on the main square of Pyrgos, and go up the paved road that used to be called Potamos (i.e. Greek for river). Turning left, you will pass in front of the old grocer's (the one with the characteristic green door) and follow the signs towards the kasteli, crossing the old part of the village. You will come across the traditional old wineries called kanaves and enjoy the amazing view over the island, especially at sunset. Passing by the Zannos mansion and the church which is dedicated to Aghios Grigorios and Aghia Theodosia (Saints Gregory and Theodosia), you will reach the castle entrance. Notice the pebbled pavement dating from 1802 at the square, and the church of Aghios Nikolaos (St Nicholas). The path to the right of the castle entrance leads to the kasteli peripheral road and the church of Aghios Christophoros (St Christopher) –a truly lovely route as well.

Πύργος οικισμός - Περιηγήση
Πύργος οικισμός - Περιηγήση



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