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Dry cherry tomato

The economy of Santorini was once based on this cherry tomato which has a bit thicker skin compared to the ordinary tomato and the size of a cherry. It is known as "anydro" (waterless) cherry tomato. It was introduced on the island in the late 19th century. Prior to the earthquake of 1956, there were 9 processing and canning factories on the island, some of which still stand in areas such as Monolithos, Perivolos, Vlychada. Its unique taste is due to being watered only through morning dampness.
Apart from salads these tomatoes are used to make tomato paste, spoon preserve, and tomato balls (pseftokeftedes). They have a sweet taste and chefs just adore them!


  • In one aspect the tomato was imported from Italy during the Venetian rule and in another the first seeds came from Suez. Agriculturist Mark Kafouros notes that processing of tomato crops started in 1880 on the slopes of mountain Prophet Ilias from the residents of Pyrgo's community and spread from there to the rest of the island displacing other kinds of crops.
  • For the traditional cultivation of tomato in February, they dig small pits in the ground within 30 cm from one another and throw in enough seeds (these are dried out under the sun so as not to get moldy before planted). The tomato plant reaches approximately 50 cm in height, depending on the moisture of the soil. Harvesting takes place from late June until early August.
Γαστρονομία - προϊόντα - ντοματάκι
Γαστρονομία - προϊόντα - ντοματάκι

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