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Touring around

Boats visiting the island tie up at Riva, the port of Therassia. The church of Aghia Irini (Santa Irene) shines white on the hill above. According to a theory, Santorini was named after this small church.

Therasia's villages are:
It was the largest and oldest village on the island until 1928. Ask the locals to help you explore underground (virtually invisible) rock-hewn houses and old wineries. Panagia Eisodion, or Lagadi (Virgin Mary of the Presentation, or of the Valley) was built at the entrance of Agrilia in 1887. It is interesting in terms of decoration and architecture. The residents or Agrilia are mainly farmers.
The capital of the island is built on the rim of its caldera. The view over Santorini is spectacular from here. Manolas is a picturesque village, with narrow cobblestone streets, a traditional bakery, an old grocery store, and the 1874 church of Aghios Konstantinos (Saint Constantine).
Built in a gully, this is the first village you will arrive at after you leave Aghia Irini. Several houses here are rock-hewn. At the centre, you will find the churches of Aghios Dimitrios (Saint Demetrius) and Panagia Giatrissa (Virgin Mary the Healer).

You may also visit:
Here you will find several fish taverns and a pebbly beach. By bus or taxi, you can go from here to the other villages of the island, or, if you prefer, you can follow the rural roads called rimidia.
Kera (or Keradiana)
Located southeast of Manolas, it is perch high up on the cliff, overlooking Palia Kameni and Nea Kameni. The scenery looks even more impressive if you climb up to the small church of Profitis (Prophet) Elias, west of Kera, at an altitude of 270 metres.
The old Therassia port where boats taking people from Athinios to the volcano take a stop. If you are already on the island, you can go down the steps to Korfos (270 in total). In Korfos you will find fish taverns.


  • There are 21 churches in Therassia, all dedicated to saints for the protection of sailors. A big festival is organized in Aghia Irini on May 5.
  • In Therassia, as in Thera, you will have the chance to taste the delicious local produce, such as favatomatoeswild capers, and katsounia (a vegetable that looks like a cross-bred between a melon and a cucumber), which grow on igneous soils.
  • Fresh cheese is made here of milk of goats and sheep grazing freely on the hillsides.
  • Consider yourself lucky if the locals invite you to taste the traditional blackberry preserves ("sykaminogliko", as they call it).
Θηρασιά - Περιήγηση
Θηρασιά - Περιήγηση

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