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Exhibition of minerals & fossils

The collection of minerals and fossils was created by the Cultural Society of Thera in 2006. It stands near the church of Timios Stavros (Holy Cross), in Perissa.The oldest of the museum's exhibits dates back to 1.5 billion years ago and the newest to 50,000 years. Here, you will find minerals and fossils from Thera and the rest of Greece, as well as other countries. Exhibits include a rich collection of priceless minerals from Lavrio, Attiki.
Of the fossils, which cover all groups of organisms, particularly important are the plant fossils of olive, mastic, and palm trees from the Santorini Caldera, dating back 50-60.000 years ago. This rare paleoflora, unique in the Mediterranean, provides evidence on the past evolutionary plant development in Europe.


Visiting hours: In the summer, 10:00-14:00, daily. In the winter, only on Sunday mornings.
+30 6977260048

Μουσεία - Εκθεση ορυκτών
Μουσεία - Εκθεση ορυκτών

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