the underwater active volcano

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This beach has small black and red pebbles. Also, a huge, impressive rock offering its shadow during the hottest hours of the day. It was -and still is- popular with nudists. It is usually fairly quiet and there are no sun beds or umbrellas. Therefore, you should bring with you any supplies you might need. At a short distance east there is the underwater crater of Columbo which last erupted in 1650. Those who dare, may go for an exploration of the deep: the crater is 500 meters from the surface, but its SW end is just 10 meters down.

How to get there

Reach Columbo beach by public bus or by car.

From Fira to Columbo beach: 9km

From Kamari to Columbo beach: 14.9km

From Oia to Columbo beach: 5.5km

Kolubos Beach in Santorini