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The sunset in Oia is a pole of attraction on the island during the summer and is famous all over the world. Visitors fill the narrow streets and then swarm around the castle ruins, strike poses, take pictures and videos. When the fiery disk finally sinks into the horizon they usually applaud.
There are also other places on the island to enjoy the sunset.

  • Around Oia you may go to the church of Ai Giannis Thalassinos (Saint John of the Sea) at the lighthouse, the hill of Kyra Panagia (Virgin Mary), the area of Baxedes, and the yard of Panagia Matrona (the Hostess Virgin Mary) in the village of Finikia. The view over Oia and Therassia is also magnificent from the small church of Ai Lias (Saint Elias), in the upper part of this village.
  • In Imerovigli you can visit the rock of Skaros.
  • In Fira you may choose Kato Fira or the area of the old mines next to the town.
  • Other great sunset locations are the lighthouse in Akrotiri and the medieval castle of Pyrgos.
Οία οικισμός - Ηλιοβασίλεμα
Οία οικισμός - Ηλιοβασίλεμα