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The neighbourhoods

The 1,000 buildings of the community of Oia are divided into four neighbourhoods:

THE CAPTAINS' neighbourhood located at the northern part of the village, also called Sideras (Blacksmith). It is worth noting that there is a section of Oia comprising solely ship owners' mansions from the 19th and early 20th centuries. In the 20th-century houses, one can distinguish influences by the Renaissance architecture. Neoclassical features and local architectural elements were combined in most mansions, which look quite impressive, made of local red and black rocks. Remains of their colouring and wounds from past earthquakes are still visible.
THE CREWS' neighbourhood, on the Caldera side, includes rock-hewn houses densely built, forming beautiful arrangements.
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF PERIVOLAS FARMERS. The eastern quarter of Oia is now connected to the rest of the village. This is where the farmhouses with the kanaves (wineries) used to be; now, most of them have been turned into hotels.
THE NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD. These houses were built after the 1956 earthquake; this is where most locals live today.


  • The two small ports underneath Oia are Ammoudi and Armeni.
  • The plain below Oia near Finikia is full of vines, prickly pears and stone walls that hold the soil on the slopes. All the large houses of Oia had "kanaves" (wineries) and a cistern for water. Most of them were in Finikia and as Kadio Kolimva notes, "Oia would not have existed without Finikia".
Οία οικισμός - Γειτονιές
Οία οικισμός - Γειτονιές

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