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The saffron crocus (Crocus cartwrightianus of Santorini) has been depicted on pottery since Middle Minoan times and the iconography was enriched even more in the Late Minoan Period. Its present is also well arrested in the Linear B script. At Akrotiri its presence is ubiquitous (pottery and wall paintings). The importance of saffron crocus in the economic and social life of the Late Bronze Age Therans is expressed par excellence in the wall-painting of the "Saffron Gatherers".
The plant still grows in two specific areas of the island: the hill of Taxiarches in Akrotiri and Gavriles Hill in Emporeio. Saffron is flowering from late November until early December. It is the wild type of crocus.
In Santorini, crocus is still used in the buns and melitinia (cheese tartlets) of Easter, the so-called lampriana (Lampri means Easter in Greek).

Γαστρονομία - προϊόντα - ζαφορά
Γαστρονομία - προϊόντα - ζαφορά

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