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Tomato pulp factories

Tomato is one of the most characteristic products of Santorini. The tomato pulp production together with the one of the wine were the basis of the island's economy from 1925 till the early 1970's. Initially the tomato pulp production took place in family manufactures. Later on, the tomato factories were built, which are a very interesting sample of industrial architecture of the time. Some of them in MonolithosVlychada and in AVIS beach have been preserved in pristine condition.
The first one had been built between 1925-1926 in Monolithos by D. Nomikos (who took ownership after the others had retired), D. Manoudakis and K. Nomikos. Their logo was a rhombus and the installations are preserved untill present day. Next the factories of Emmanuel and Mina Karamoleggos and the AVIS's were built in the beach of Vothonas in approximatelly 1935-1936, the later's installations also to have been preserved until present day. During the Occupation the factories of Stelios Mendrinos (STELLA) in Exomiti, E. Kanakaris in Exo Gialos, Georgios D. Nomikos and S. Prekas in Vlychada had also been built. During the same time, the alcohol factory of Gr. Koutsogiannopoulos built in 1930 in Gialos port below Fira had been converted to a tomato pulp factory. The Santo cannery of Theran Products' Union of Santorini had been built in the 1950's in Monolithos.



  • The tomato harvesting started just after the 25th of June and ended in mid August. Farmers transported the tomatos to the factories in 48 kg baskets.
  • Santo Wines, the Union of the Santorinian Producers sells tomato cans and other local products, as well as other private individuals.
  • The factory consisted of the sorting and processing room, the vacuum room, the condensation room and the filling room. There were also warehouses, engine room, a weighing yard and a large yard. Large factories additionally had a residence.

Source: "The tomato pulp factories of Santorini", by architect Anna Kotsovili from the book "Santorini, Thera, Therassia, Aspronisi, Volcanoes" by Ioannis M. Danezis/2001. Editor in chief Emm. A. Lignos.

Βιομηχανία - Εργοστάσια τοματοποιίας
Βιομηχανία - Εργοστάσια τοματοποιίας

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