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Varieties in Santorini include the white asyrtiko (cultivated at a percentage of 80%), the best known variety of the Mediterranean grapevine, and, in smaller quantities, athiri and aidani, along with other local varieties. Among red grape varieties, mandilaria and mavrotragano are the most prominent. The famous Vinsanto is produced by asyrtiko and aidani, sunned after the harvest and then aged in wooden vats.

During the 1970 the label VQPRD (Vin de qualite produit dans une region determine) was lawfully awarded to dry and sweet white wines produced from the varieties of assyrtiko, aidani and athiri in the islands of Thera and Therassia.

Αμπελώνας - Ποικιλίες
Αμπελώνας - Ποικιλίες

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